Thanks to Creators of Modifiable Planes!


Have you ever wished you could make some either major or minor modification to something you purchased in SL but are really unable to because of the lack of modify permission? You are not alone! So this post is a small tribute to the makers of planes that have seen fit to make their creations modifiable. This small extra step is a simple courtesy by creators that respect the fact that one size indeed does NOT fit all.

Adding of scripts to allow painting is a good step and even should be available on modifiable craft. But it is not enough. Everyone has their special needs.  So please take a moment and give special thanks to those that create modifiable craft. Below is a list of aviation content creators that have this form of respect for their customers.

Of the creators listed, one special highlight goes to Drusilla Saunders. DSA Aircraft takes the ability to modify to a new level. As scripts mostly cannot be released modifable due to proprietary information that has to be protected, Drusilla has taken the extra step of putting key flight parameters in a notecard that allows users to adjust their plane performance to their own liking.

With that said, here is my current list:

Drusilla Saunders Christi Charron Mick McKeenan
Javatar Mocha tania Lacombe (TBM) kev Barony (Laminar)
Carollynn85 Kelly Shergood Tig Spikers (S&W)
Cubey Terra  wilderskies  caithlynnsayes (CLS Aviation)

There are many arguments why some folks continue to insist that their products cannot be modifiable, I have heard dozens of arguments and none of them fly (no pun intended). Here are a few:

1. “I don’t want my textures stolen”. The loophole that allowed textures to be stolen with dropped scripts was closed many years ago. UUID’s cannot be pulled with a script unless you own the texture.

2. “Someone might break my creation” So? Tell them to rez a new one or get a redelivery.

3. “My creations are perfect the way they are and no one should be messing with my creations”. This is probably the only real honest answer. It speaks for itself.

Please everyone, consider thanking and giving preferences to the builders that respect our differences and turn on that modify flag for the airframes. Again, this does not apply to scripts. Open source scripts are great, but must often be protected.

Blue Skies!

P.S. Please let me know others that belong on this list and I will update it.

Update: Wilderskies added to the list.

Updates: Added caithlynnsayes.  Added company names where I know them.

3 thoughts on “Thanks to Creators of Modifiable Planes!

  1. What a very nice, well written article and Thank You for taking the time to write it and for mentioning me in it! (fans self) I appreciate mod vehicles too as I think it’s important we all be able to individualize our own vehicles as we see fit.

    I believe the major reason you don’t see more mod vehicles is that it actually takes extra work to make a vehicle modifiable and still function properly when modified by the customer. The major reason (of several) is that each link (a flap for instance, is a link) has a number, the flight script will tell that flap using it’s link number to move up or down if the pilot uses the flaps command. The problem arises when the customer adds or removes a link to the vehicle, which changes the number of every link in the plane generally, so now what the plane scripts once thought was a flap, is now the right landing gear or something besides the flap. Creators have to add a “link discovery” routine to all their scripts in the vehicle to avoid this issue and it’s a hassle they don’t want to mess with generally. This is just one example of many that make it actually more work to make vehicles modifiable.

    Note: If you do add or delete links from a vehicle you may or may not have to reset all scripts in the vehicle for it to work properly. This is true in CheerMaster planes though updates for all CheerMaster planes in the near future will do this automatically if a link is changed (like many other mod vehicles already do). CheerMaster ground vehicles do not need to be reset when links are added or removed from them.

    Tip: To reset scripts in a vehicle after adding or removing a link:
    1. Right click and Edit the vehicle.
    2. From the top of your viewer, select:
    Build—–>Scripts——>Reset Scripts

    Tip: Adding a link to a mod vehicle:
    NOTE: ALWAYS select the piece to be added FIRST, then select the vehicle second.
    1. Right click and edit the link to be added to the vehicle
    2. Hold Shift and Left Click the vehicle (both the new link and the vehicle should now be highlighted)
    3. Press Ctrl+L to link the two together.
    4. Reset Scripts in the vehicle if it isn’t working properly.

    Tip: Removing a link from a mod vehicle:
    1. Right click and edit the vehicle.
    2. On the Edit window, make sure “Edit Linked Parts” is checked.
    3. Right click and edit the linked part to be removed. It should no be the only thing highlighted.
    4. Press Ctrl+Shift+L to un-link the selected prim.
    5. Reset Scripts in the vehicle if it isn’t working properly


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