Passengers: What Do You Want?

Up to this point, my column has been directed mostly toward pilots and crew in the aviation field. Today, I’m talking to the people that are one of the key reasons aviation gaming enthusiasts chose flying in Second Life over one of the many more realistic flight simulation systems:  you, the passenger.

As pilots, we know it is hardly arguable that we can get a more realistic flight experience on the flight deck of an FSX-Steam 737 or King Air 90 than a D-737 or a DSA King Air 90. So what is it that brings pilots that want to fly passenger planes to SL rather than FSX? For most pilots I know, it is the passenger interaction. With that missing, most SL pilots start wandering back to FSX and X-Plane because if they are going to fly an empty plane, it might as well be one in a more real feel environment than SL can offer.

So with this introduction, I’m opening the door to you, the potential passenger. What is it that you want? What excites you or would excite you about hopping on to the next announced flight in Passengers Of SL?

It stands to reason that after a while, just hopping a plane and sitting from point a to point b can lose its allure after a few times. Some pilots have taken to offering better information about specific destinations or connections to other services.

In my own flights I have experienced two in-flight emergencies which my passengers seemed to be thrilled with. They were not made up. One was due to a real loss of aircraft control due to a scripting bug and the other was a sim crossing where I lost the plane and one of my passengers TP’ed me back to the plane after it crashed on someone’s house. In both cases, emergency calls were sent to various coast guard organizations which resulted in emergency responses either at the airport, or an actual aerial rescue of stranded passengers.

This article is meant to generate discussion so the meat of the article is short. This is your chance to tell the pilots and airlines in SL what YOU want. Please feel free to comment below! Pilots and crew, please feel free to chime in with ideas and constructive responses.

As a final note to passengers, have you considered joining an airline? Most airlines would welcome new members. You do not have to be a pilot. Flight and ground crews are in short supply on almost all of the airlines. Don’t be afraid to ask your pilot or crew member about that if the interest is there.

Blue Skies as always