Holiday Greeting and State of the Community

Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, joyful season, whatever happy season greeting you prefer, I hope all are having some family time as this year comes to a close.

RL work and the crankiness that the Windows 10 anniversary update caused to my SL experience have hampered my ability to write here the last few months. Both problems are hopefully resolved and I have a plan for a couple of new topics coming up.

A couple of new passenger planes have been released although the only one I have recently purchased that qualifies for my review standards (must be modifiable and look and fly decently enough for me to actually want to buy it) is the DSA Pacehawk. There are a few others that have been in the works for a long time that are on my potential wish list (Laminar’s Falcon, Christi Charron’s Skylane, DSA’s Stratos Hawk and a couple others that I’m not at liberty to mention).

Modifiable Airframe Observation

As most of my readers are aware, I am very adamant about the importance of modifiable airframes for non-combat aircraft. After doing some looking through Marketplace, I’ve happily observed that the tide is turning. Of what I would call the “mainstream” aircraft designers, there are more in the modify column than the no modify, and two that have “dipped their toes” into modify waters. Aeon Voom now has one, the C-130 and Erick Gregan now has two, his flagship ATX-72 and the Cessna 421. I’m sure I have not covered them all but I know Dani, ABE&W and Shana Carpool still seem to remain firmly in the no-modify camp with no indicators of that changing.

My hope is that Aeon and Erick find that allowing modify on these airplanes did not cause their content to be stolen, or their airplanes to be turned into flying ugly sticks and roll out the modify flag to the rest of their legacy non-combat aircraft. This would go a long way in putting pressure on the few remaining holdouts.

Note: in prior articles I did not address the question of combat aircraft. For purposes of balance, there is good reason for combat aircraft to be no-modify. my discussions on modify relate to civilian aircraft primarily, and non-combatant military craft (freighters).

Calming of the Waters

SL Aviation group continues to have some occasional drama, but the changes made to management there have done wonders to soothe the old arguments. An innocent new member can inquire about one of the more controversial builders without getting their heads bit off. For the most part, they just get referred to the appropriate group and everyone goes on talking about more healthy aviation related topics. So great progress there.

With that, I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year!

Blue Skies!

One thought on “Holiday Greeting and State of the Community

  1. Having aircraft moddable becomes even more important as we get third party creations that require it to be used such as GTFO and Shergood Aviation’s new tail number registry system. At this point, the idea of having to wear attachment items to add to aircraft is ridiculous not to mention problematic with the complexity filter in the viewers now.

    I agree on the calming of the drama. The decision not to allow it on either side in SL Aviation made a large difference. I’ve seen mods who, even if they may agree with the sentiment, admonish those who tried to start it up. I’m glad we got to this point. I wish it would have happened sooner. I wish everyone a very happy New Year.


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