Modifiable Content Update, Recent Releases and…I’m Back!

So it has been over a year since my last post. Early last year I decided to embark on car sales. This goal took me away from aviation for quite a while, as all my aircraft remained in the hangar. With a determined goal in mind, I set out to do something that was not just another assembled car, but something that took the best of all available components and pull them together with my own touch to make something that stood out. Perhaps more on that in another article on why it took so long and why I was determined not to release anything until I could stand behind it with pride. Now, having accomplished that with three cars, plus one that has an available emergency services edition, I can happily say I met my goal.

So now the time has come to dust off the site and get back into the (second) world again. With that in mind and fingers at the keyboard, lets get started!

Modifiable Content Update

The last article published was about progress that has been made in SecondLife® with regard to modifiable content (specifically planes, trains, boats and cars). I am very happy to say that this has been phenomenal! From what I can see, there is only one major player left in civilian aircraft manufacturing that has not (and most likely will not) allow their customers to customize their planes as desired. Thanks to many open minded builders, there is now at least one or more more airplanes available in every class of civilian aviation craft, from small two seat planes to jumbos like the 757, and almost every imaginable type of helicopter, that are modifiable and superior quality aircraft. Modifiable is now the standard rather than the exception.

Watercraft still have a few holdouts, but really the boat makers caught on early because of the demand to be able to apply custom names and paints. My first Trudeau was modifiable back in 2007.

Ground vehicles lagged behind a bit because the two dominant builders held out for a long time. But the crack in that dam started with pressure to make one particular trailer modifiable, along with pressure from the vast number of cars being cranked out with ACS scripts being release modifiable. As of now, only one of what I would call the “major players” in the car world has clung to the no modify flag with a passion. The dam has burst. So like with planes, you can now purchase just about any class of car with some expectation of high quality, and have it modifiable to fit your needs.

One subclass of ground vehicles, specifically fire trucks, is still is dominated by no-modify. But a new entrant into that subclass that has started with a pretty respectable modifiable alternative, may soon give them a run for their lindens.

Recent Releases

With apologies to some I probably missed, below are a few recent modifiable aircraft releases from the major players. Most likely I’ll take one of these for a review soon.

Parting Thoughts

We are in a world temporarily gone mad. The light is at the end of the tunnel and it is NOT an oncoming train! Stay safe my friends. SecondLife® is a great salvation from the real world need for social distancing. Its OK to dance here. I hope you dance!

Blue Skies and Fair Winds, from Starbuckk.

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