Modifiable Content Update and Happy New Year!

On the secondary topic, wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2018 in both worlds.  It has been a great year and am wishing an even greater next year!

On the primary topic, this is a bit late to the party but as many know by now, a few popular legacy planes have now been released with modifiable air frames that were previously no-modify. And some of these planes are currently on sale too, though I suspect that sale may end today or tomorrow so if you’re interested, now is the time to buy!

I speculate that there are three motivations for the decision to release these planes modifiable:

  • Market Pressure
  • GTFO
  • Custom tail number registry from Kelly Shergood

Whatever the motivation, thanks VERY MUCH to Aeon Voom and Erick Gregan for recognizing the importance of modifiable content to the market. Here are the planes I know of that are now modifiable:

From Aeon Voom:

  • Twin Otter
  • DC3
  • DC10
  • C130 (this was originally released modifiable)

From Erick Gregan:

  • Cessna 421
  • ATX-72 (this was updated to modifiable last year)

Some notes:

Planes that were not originally designed to be modifiable may have some particular issues with adding and deleting prims. If the prim numbers inside the plane change, it could damage or break moving parts of planes.  Above all, NEVER mess with the root prim!  Virtually all moving parts on a plane depend on their local position relative to the root prim.  Mess with that and you break it.

I have been told specifically that the Cessna 421 has this issue. I am not aware of the others. However, for adding prims, there is a tool designed to help with this which is intended to add new prims in such a way that the original prim numbers will not change.  I have not tested it but have had some reports of it being successful. Here is the link:

Nikki’s Relink Tool

Using this tool should allow new prims to be added without breaking things. It will not help with deleting prims. You can pretty much expect to break things if you delete prims if the object depends on prim numbers.

Another caution is that whenever adding prims, ALWAYS take the object back into inventory and re-rez it before doing ANYTHING including moving any of the parts (doors, flaps, etc.). This is true for all objects, even those with named prims.  Even these, in the end rely on prim numbers because that’s how they adjust. But there is usually an on-rez script that rechecks all the prims to get their current number.

Add-on Compatibility

All of the above aircraft have been added to both GTFO and Kelly Shergood’s custom tail number registry. GTFO does not require any add-ons but the Shergood system does if you want a HOBBS meter or visible tail number without having to add it to your textures.

B757 by Mick McKeenan

The main focus of this article is legacy planes that were originally no-modify but have been updated to be modifiable. However, I can’t publish an article about modifiable planes and GTFO without mentioning Mick McKeenan’s jewel of the air, the 757. This plane was just released a short time ago and is also both GTFO and custom tail number compatible. Like ALL McKeenan Aviation aircraft, not only is it modifiable, the owner likes to know what people are doing with his planes.

The 757 by Mick McKeenan and the DC10 by Aeon are probably the two most “profitable” airplanes in the skies for GTFO.

A word of caution on the DC10:  Do not attach the GTFO hud until you are seated. And when you are ready to deliver, you will probably have to detach and reattach it. This is due to the distance of the root prim from the seated position of the pilot. It is not a bug but caused by a security “feature” imposed by Linden Labs related to protection of privacy on private parcels. This also existed on the original release of the 757, but an update was released to correct it


Here are the SLURL’s to the three plane maker’s vendors mentioned in this article:

Blue skies and fair winds!


2 thoughts on “Modifiable Content Update and Happy New Year!

  1. I made a notecard that explains how you can unlink and link stuff without breaking scripts and without any script help, you just have to link things in certain selection order and stop scripts running and stuff

    Heres the whole notecard:

    This notecard assumes you know the following skills:
    SL Edit tools
    Linking and Unlinking objects
    Modifying objects

    It is useful to stop the scripts from running in selection while messing around with the linkings
    Build -> Scripts -> Set scripts to not running
    Now onto the steps!

    1. Unlink the root/main prim of the object
    2. Select the stuff you want to add – can be another linkset, or just a single prim, if its multiple objects, link them together first, selecting them in reverse order, from last to first –
    3. Select the object you want to link this to (The one you unlinked the root prim of)
    4. Select the root prim of the object you unlinked earlier
    5. Link them together!
    ??? Profit!

    Now your item has been linked nice and tidy, with preserving the original link numbers
    You can turn the scripts back on
    Build -> Scripts -> Set scripts to running

    The reason why this works is because SL counts link numbers when linking in reverse of selection order, so the first thing selected is the last (highest) link number, and the last thing selected is the root prim.

    Now you dont need relinker scripts!


  2. I use Aeon Voom’s C-130, a particular C-130K in late RAF Markings, and there are a lot of photos on the net of this aircraft, through its long RAF career, documenting the changes. Something close to the original colour scheme is supplied with the SL model, but I’m doubtful about how close to reality it is. There were several changes to the
    markings in the early days, and different details come from different periods.

    I know I have not got everything right, but now I have the Low-Light and Thermal Imaging cameras on the nose, as well as the IFR probe. I am not sure the two AN/AAQ-24(V) pods are worth the hassle, they are hard to see at a distance.

    I use the same serial number.

    What I would like to see somebody do is some alternative air-drop payloads, conventional and LAPES.


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